IdeaPaint is the market leader and patented creator of dry erase paint (whiteboard paint) which is a high performing, cost effective and environmentally responsible alternative to traditional whiteboards.

The magic of IdeaPaint lies in its ability to transform passive space into active environments to spur the collaborative spirit that lives within everyone, gets people out of their chairs and on their feet, solving problems together and communicate more efficiently which accelerate ideation for better, faster results.

IdeaPaint is proven on the walls of some of the world’s most successful organisation, including Google, Facebook, PayPal, JP Morgan, RBS, Reebok, Converse, SMU, NUS, NTU, UOB and many more commercial spaces around the globe.

IdeaPaint's Patented Complete Erase Technology builds a harder, less porous surface that will not allow markers to soak in, making for an easier, more complete erase, leaving you with cleaner walls.
IdeaPaint PRO dry erase paint (also know as whiteboard paint or dry erase wall paint) can be applied over latex paint or over any smooth surface (ie. drywall, wood, chalkboards, whiteboards, glass, laminate, metal, furniture, desks, etc.). IdeaPaint dry erase paints are far superior to whiteboards and glassboards.
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